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Blazer Barboza Hit The Red Carpet With Dick Clark Productions

Dick Clark Production is delighted to have Blazer Barboza on the scenes while preparing for the ACM Awards to air in September, Blazer Barboza shows his support as a lover of Country music. Dick Clark Productions went a great length to welcome the artist. Blazer Barboza shows his support by purchasing over 150 tickets for fans who support the Dick Clark Productions and is looking forward to visiting the ACM awards in September.

Grammys CEO Files Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Recording Academy

Less than a week after she was placed on administrative leave, the Recording Academy CEO/president has filed an EEOC complaint against the organization over alleged discrimination and sexual harassment.Billboard reports Deborah Dugan filed the complaint this week, just days before the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, and nearly six months after she was appointed the first female president/CEO of the Academy. Dugan's legal team confirmed the news via Twitter:"The complaint that we filed today against the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammys) highlights tactics reminiscent of those deployed by individuals defending Harvey Weinstein," attorneys Douglas H. Wigdor and Michael J. Willemin wrote in a statement. "As we allege, the attempt by the Recording Academy to impugn the character of Deborah Dugan is a transparent effort to shift the focus away from its own unlawful activity. This blatant form of retaliation in corporate America is all too common, even post #MeToo, and we will utilize all lawful means necessary to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions."


About Breezus The Savior

Corey Nasir Turner Jr. Professionally known as Breezus The Savior . Was born in Hartford Connecticut, on December 26, 1997. He is the oldest of two siblings. His love for music came from artists such as Chris Brown, Big Sean, Dave East, J. Cole and Nas. They have influenced him in many ways. He has been through many trials and tribulations in his life which has motivated him on per sure his music journey. It's because of his journey a lot of people will be able to identify the fact that he’s just not a rapper he is labeled a creator with a care free mindset that is truly unique. Currently Breezus has 2 mixtapes out on all platforms and is currently working on a new project called “Breeze Thru The Summer
Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/imonlybreezus/


Blazer Barboza Connects With Jay Z of Roc Nation

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Miss Money Connects With Shade 45

KD Lamont

Devyn Lamont Wilson-Cowan is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, known professionally as “KD Lamont” who was born August 6, 2000, in Lexington, Kentucky. The Lexington native started his early career in the music industry in 2020, while perfecting a smooth and lyrical vocal style. In his first six months, he released four singles, catching the attention of the Bluegrass state. Within this period of making music in a professional setting, he gained the interest of local clients who see his music as a future success. From a young age, he fell in love with the sounds of hip-hop greats, “Andre 3000”, “Lil Wayne,” Kendrick Lamar,” and “Speaker Knockerz.” With that inspiration, 2020 saw the release of his first complete album, “ Diamond In The Rough.” Songs such as “ Westbrook and KD (feat. Tay Bean)”, Valley of Hell, and The Same” surged in popularity days after the release. Whether in the studio or collaborating, KD Lamont has had a known presence within Lexington, looking to gain even more momentum as the year progresses.
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Don Welch is both a writing composer and performing artist who has gained his own organic and loyal fan base through his sincere engagement with all those who show interest in his music and movement. His social media and music platforms have reached significant measures across the international lines over the past few years with out any major label or distribution company, until now. Welch has recently signed a partnership deal with San Antonio music label Mind & Soul Music in which they foresee this relationship pushing his career into the level into the major music industry. The Artist reached a total of 204k streams on Spotify with no promotion.Based out of south Texas, the dedicated artist has made his music life his life style spending hours each day, researching his craft and the music business, engaging with fans and constantly thinking of new innovated ideas for his music and art visuals. Surrounded by a dedicated team consisting of his own music producer, film director and producer, loyal team members and now his partnership with Mind and Soul Music, this young talent is positioning himself to a bright successful music career.You can get a good glimpse of his point of view on modern day issues and a background of his childhood history through his music that is composed of a rap hip hop and blues rock vibes. His debut album ‘Melting Pot’ released in 2018 is still relevant in 2020 and being actively streamed as well as his two latest music singles and videos ‘Just Know’ and ‘Forced Hands’ that are both available on all music platforms. Stay in tuned with the outlaw as he prepares to release his sophomore album in later 2020.